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Thursday, March 1, 2012
The Wonders of Vaseline

I was looking around guardian pharmacy just recently and realised that vaseline has a new packaging! Isn't it adorable? xp Vaseline is an amazing multipurpose product that every girl (or even guy) should have on them at ALL times. What? You don't agree with me? You don't see the point in having vaseline? Well I'm here today to prove you wrong.

1. Eyelash conditioner and enhancer

This is a little trick I learnt online when I was trying to find ways to make my eyelashes stop falling due to my perpetual use of waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara tends to dry out your lashes so do be careful. This not only conditioned my lashes and made them fall less, but I started to notice that my lashes were growing a lot longer.

2. Blister preventer

You've just bought a new pair of heels that your dying to wear. The first time you wear them out, absolute torture. You feet are red and blistered from attempting to break in your shoes. vaseline is very handy in these sort of situations. When ever I feel a blister coming on when I'm out, I apply some vaseline and no blisters! A great reason to have it in your hand bag.

3. Chapped lips

Moisturizing, cheap and effective. What more could you ask for?

4. Dyeing

Whether it be eyebrow or eyelash tinting, or simply dyeing your hair, vaseline is a great product to apply on areas where you often get stains from dyeing your hair. It forms a protective layer and allows you to remove any accidents after your done dyeing.

5. Makeup remover

If no matter what you do you simply cannot get your waterproof eye makeup off, vaseline is the answer for you. I wouldn't suggest using this everyday to remove your makeup, but for extremely stubborn makeup days this does a fantastic job of removing all your makeup.

I hope this post convinced many of you to look into keeping a pot of vaseline at home or in your bag. Its cheap, simple and effective. All hail the wonderful Vaseline!


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